If there is one thing I know, it’s that the ladies of WeDames know how to throw a party!  As a social enterprise, some of the fun things to do around Springfield, MO. that we engage in, includes visiting other establishments in our beautiful city on days which aren’t swarming with people…namely, the middle of the week.  We love the idea of supporting our local economy and doing so in a fun and edutaining way!




Social, Professional and Private WeDames Events

While we host many schmooze events on our Meetup Group – many of which are coed and are dutch treat – we also host private marketing events for ladies only.  But SHHHHH don’t tell our female patrons that!  They have so much fun and end up being so relaxed they have no IDEA they are learning about our sponsor’s businesses, products, and services!  In fact, I sat down with a few of our attendees a while back to ask them what they thought the WeDames events were all about and their answers were,

  • To pamper ladies and give them a night off!
  • To get women to connect with one another!
  • To support women in being more social!
  • To just have fun!!
  • To dress up and feel classy in a fun environment!
  • To bring business to a local establishment in Springfield!



In essence, that is a part of what we do, but we do even more for the businesses who sponsor said events!  If a business is sponsoring a WeDames Event (not a social Meetup event but a proper WeDames event), they can be expected to present their products and services in a fun and edutaining way in front of our readers and attendees all while building rapport and promoting their brand awareness!  You can read more about it here.  It’s so simple, we call it the neo-sales!  Mainly because the old outdated methods of sales tend to turn people off and scare them away….however, if you are edutaining women about what it is you do, there is no end to the amount of rapport you can build with them.  And where there is rapport, you get them in your door!


What Events Can I Sponsor for WeDames?

We provide 3 main corporate events you can choose to sponsor.  Or, if you want to make it a recurring theme, you may also choose to host several events in a row for a reduced fee.  You can click on each of the logos below to find out the fee structure and what your business will receive in terms of marketing, branding and advertising from us.


Madames and mimosas events corporate sponsorship sponsor marketing branding wedames springfield mo


This event hosts 20 women.  Click here to read more about Madames and Mimosas.




Ladies night out girls night out wedames things to do in springfield mo near me women only


This event hosts 30 women.  Click here to read more about Ladies’ Night Out.




Debutantes and daiquiris things to do in Springfield mo near me ladies only girls night out classy fun happy hour wedames

This event hosts 50 women.  Click here to read more about Debutantes and Daiquiris.










Each of our events range from 20 women to 50 women depending on the package, and we always pack the house!  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding sponsorship or if you are looking to sponsor an event!