WeDames is a social enterprise which serves a powerful purpose:  empowering women by educating them about local businesses in and around the Springfield area.  We do this by providing fun, sociable events whereby women get to connect with other women while simultaneously learning about a specific business.

Services Provided by WeDames Organization

  1. Market Research – find out what women think of your brand and business and what you can do to make it better!
  2. Perpetual Media Coverage – not only do we spotlight local businesses in and around the Springfield area, but unlike print media, once your article is published we show it over and over again to our readers.
  3. Present Your Business in Front of Women – educate local women the most influential factors in the local marketplace, on your business and what makes you different from your competition.

WeDames is looking to bring anywhere from 20 women or more in front of YOUR business.  By hosting an event with the WeDames community, you not only get your business in front of the most influential factor in the marketplace (that being women, according to Harvard Business Review), but we will work with you to ensure the information you share has up to an 80% retention rate of the attendees.  We do this through accelerated learning techniques, in a safe, friendly environment.

WeDames’ signature event, Ladies’ Night Out, has been an outright success in the past.  Not only do the seats fill up fast, but at the last couple of events, 100% of the seats had been reserved within an hour of the release date.  Not to mention, the businesses and brands who’ve hosted such an event often enjoy media coverage, increased brand awareness, increased sales, and business recognition…FROM ONE EVENT!

When your organization hosts a Ladies’ Night Out, your brand or business gets to enjoy benefits such as:

  1. unique marketing opportunities to a niche target audience in Springfield, Missouri,
  2. basic market research on their product or service by said target audience,
  3. opportunities to advertise their brand via our online magazine,
  4. exposure to a larger Springfield audience via featured online spreads,
  5. opportunities to close sales without chasing away or turning off your target audience,
  6. a unique custom-made WeDames badge that can be used on products, website, newsletter, etc that communicates their organizations support of women everywhere,
  7. And More!

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