We have approximately two public events a month and we are always looking for a chic and classy venue or restaurant to hold our soirees and business mixers.  So long as you are in or around Springfield, MO. (and serve wine, beer, and liquor) we are happy to partner with you! Keep in mind, we typically have anywhere from 45 to 70 people in attendance to these events.  The only events we have which have a confirmed number of people in attendance are our private events (also held in restaurants / venues)!

There is nothing we like more than bringing business to a local restaurant or venue in Springfield, MO. on a night which isn’t typically busy (Monday – Thursday)!  Here are our restaurant / venue packages:


Restaurant / Venu Packages # of Events Price of Package Est. Revenue Est. Margin Est. Media Value Revenue Per Package
2 Events in 3 Months 2 840 1,600 760 900 840 for 2 events
6 Events in 6 Months 6 1500 4,800 3,300 2,700 1500 for 6 events
12 Events a Year 12 2,400 9,600 7,200 5,400 2400 for 12 events


Marketing & Media Value Per Event
Social Media Coverage
2 Newsletter promotions per event
Logo or “Special” on the event materials
Logo on Fliers (Roughly 500 fliers sent out)
Promo at Networking Groups (NTI, CBC, Etc)
Shoutout at Event

Estimated Media Value PER Event:      $450



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