What is Ladies’ Night Out?

Ladies’ night out is a lively event where women can connect, share ideas, schmooze and have fun!  Founded in good ol’ Springfield, Missouri, this event was created with one thing in mind; to bring women together.

What is the Point of Bringing Women Together?

For one, amazing things happen when we get a bunch of women together, in the same space, in the spirit of celebration.  Connections are made, barriers break down, and ideas are swapped that can benefit our community as a whole.  And why not throw some beer and wine in there while we are at it?  Why?  Because we can!

Personally, I choose to live my life in celebration instead of in fear.  And if I know one thing, it is that throughout some of the most difficult times of my life, there was always a strong woman supporting me in finding my own light and strength.  So here is one way I can pay it forward to women everywhere who are the epitome of strength and wisdom… OK, that was kind of deep.  If you like this sort of thing, be sure to visit our SOUL section. =))

Get Back To The Point, WeDames! I Don’t Have All Day.

Each Ladies’ Night Out has a specific theme associated with it.  For example, we may have a “little black dress” theme, or host a “winter in July” event.  So whether you are a single mom working a 9 to 5, the Chief Executive Officer of your domestic kingdom, or a successful career woman etching her name in the business world, we cordially invite you to our monthly Ladies’ Night Out in Springfield, Missouri.  Keep in mind the venue changes, so you may wanna subscribe HERE to keep up-to-date on our socials.

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How Do I Sign Up?  I Wanna Register Right Now!

Calm down!  I don’t blame you: each event is jammed packed with ice breakers (so it is easy to approach other women to connect and network), food, fun and door prizes… and let’s not forget a small feedback form where you have the opportunity of telling us your thoughts on the event!

If you are looking to find out more about our next event, simply go to our calendar page here, and check out when our next event is and where it will be held.  Or you can drop us an email by filling out the form below. Ta ta until then!