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Debutantes and Daiquiris is our largest soiree and is a lively event where women can connect, share ideas, schmooze and have fun while learning about local businesses!  Founded in good ol’ Springfield, Missouri, this “girls night out” event was created with one thing in mind; to bring women together in a fun and safe environment.  Each Debutantes and Daiquiris is themed (Little Black Dress, Boots and Cowgirl hats, 1920’s flappers, etc.), and women can expect the following from each event:

  • Dress Code
  • Goodie Bags
  • Best-dressed Competition
  • Lucky Draw Grand Prize
  • Free Flow Appetizers
  • 2 alcoholic (or nonalcoholic) beverages – typically wine, beer, daiquiris, water, soda, and/or tea.
  • Tons of fun!!


What Do Businesses Get Out of Sponsoring a Debutantes and Daiquiris Event?

Aside from the several branding and marketing opportunities during Debutantes and Daiquiris, you will also enjoy the opportunity to build rapport with Springfield, MO’s most influential market segment:  women!  You will also enjoy:

  • Advertising during the event – logo on backdrop and materials
  • Branding opportunities on our website and at the event(s)
  • Advertising on our website and social media portals
  • Recurring spotlight article shown to our readers via social media
  • 3 free tickets to this event and a speaker ticket (4 tickets in all)
  • Logo and weblink on our “Sponsor’s” page
  • 30 min. Spotlight presentation in front of 50 women (details to be discussed with the founder before presenting)
  • An opportunity to get back in front of the women after the event is completed.


The Fee to Sponsor a Madames and Mimosas is $2,798.00

Feel free to contact us should you be interested in hosting such an event for internal or external marketing purposes!