Hey folks! I'm an International writer, speaker and founder of WeDames Organization in Springfield, MO. I am mostly caffeine-dependent and exceptionally average in all things....you could say I am a hot mess, but you would need to leave the "hot" out.

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Fun 4th of July Adult Beverages

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays – there is food, fun, family, friends and a myriad of other f-words which describes this holiday (words like fireworks, fascinating, favorable, foment and fire up..in case you were wondering). And where many families and friends come together over BBQ and beer, some like to put…

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2018 Father’s Day Events and Ideas!

Honoring dear-old-dad and gramps is a time-honored tradition the world over, and finding something unique to do for Father’s Day in Springfield, MO. can be a little difficult – especially with all the different happenings in our little town!  Whether you want to make it a family event or treat papa to a pint, you…