WeDames Organization is more than a women’s cyber-publication or networking hub, it is a community for women to connect and celebrate one another’s unique interests and individuality.  This circle seeks to empower women by celebrating their social nature and creativity by creating a space for them to come together; networking socially, personally and professionally.


To provide a platform to empower women through social, fun events whereby they learn about local businesses in a pitch-free setting and connect with other women in and around Springfield, Missouri.


To increase the quality of living for individuals in and around Springfield, while simultaneously stimulating the local economy.


Essentially, WeDames is a Social Enterprised comprised of two main parts:  the online magazine and event management.

The aim of WeDames Online Magazine is to highlight events, happenings and local businesses in and around Springfield, Missouri.  We also participate in market research by connecting with our readers and finding out what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes, and their preferences.  This has proven to be invaluable to our goodie-bag sponsors, as they receive first-hand feedback from the most influential target audience in Springfield – women!

The aim of the WeDames Event Management sector is to empower women by giving them a space to learn about local businesses in a fun, safe environment.  When a woman takes care of herself and finds balance within her life, everyone and everything around her benefits.  Whether finding balance means reaching your business goals, spending more quality time with your children, or simply getting out there and connecting with other women, we are all about supporting women in being whole and complete as they are.  As such, we host many different events for local companies depending on the sector they are in.

As it turns out, when you can present information to an audience who is open and receptive to listening, not only do you educate them on your business, but they remember you.

Is WeDames A Feminist Organization?

WeDames is all about one thing:  empowering women through educating them on local businesses & bringing women together.  While we don’t label ourselves as feminist or non-feminist, we do build up, empower and honor feminity.  We do not believe in tearing down people of another race, gender or religion as we celebrate diversity.  We do this by having fun-filled educational gatherings and by publishing relevant articles and blogs on our online publication, WeDames Online Women’s Magazine.

While we love and adore our masculine counterparts, this little piece of heaven-on-Earth is for those who appreciate and honor all that embodies the strength, wisdom and power of the female sex.

The WeDames Team

Jana Moreno

Founder, Business Development Manager

Jana Moreno
is a mother, an international writer, Certified Systemic Constellation Practitioner, a director in the WeWorld Global Summit, and Founder of WeDames Organization.

Jana has had the honor and pleasure of living in SE Asia from 2006 to early 2016 where she learned, developed and adapted her entrepreneurial mindset.

Becoming a professional speaker and trainer, Jana has had the privilege of presenting for various companies and different Universities in Kuala Lumpur including HelpCat University, IIUM, the Malaysian Institute of Art and Sunway University.

A retired transformational coach, she used to run her own programs and one-to-one consultations with people both locally and internationally in countries including, but not limited to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Holland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Brunei and the United States.

After deciding to come home to Springfield, Missouri, Jana decided to continue the work which has provided her so much joy and fulfillment with none other than her high school BFF, Celine Roberts.  Together they birthed the concept of and executed the groundwork for WeDames Online Women’s Magazine.

A Message From The Founder:

“I am excited and eager to present WeDames to Springfield, and we look forward to the many benefits that this organization can create for men, women and the community. Being a women entrepreneur, I understand the power of relationships is extremely significant in the personal and professional lives of people. In recognizing this fact, we cultivated a vision of combining fun and professionalism in an exciting new networking community which will simultaneously expand brand awareness and sales of local Springfield businesses. In short, we aim to stimulate the local economy of Springfield, Missouri through hosting a unique women’s community and online women’s magazine that highlights notable businesses in and around our little city.

Many people have seen how women contribute greatly to the overall quality of living to their community: whether they are household CEO’s, professionals, single mothers or self-employed, if a woman is happy, everyone around her benefits including her family, coworkers, husband or friends. All things considered, women also have a need to connect with others verbally and emotionally and often when they do, the result is nothing short of magical. This is how we celebrate femininity: by bringing women together and empowering them through educating them on local businesses.

WeDames provides a space (both locally and virtually) for women to connect and grow with others in Springfield, Missouri.”

~ Jana Moreno